Wednesday 21 September 2011

Mk.1 Razorback, 3rd Company, Red Scorpions

The old Mk.1 Razorback is one of the oldest vehicles within the Red Scorpions chapter. Dating back to the early days of the 36th millenium this chassis has seen its fair share of battles.
The paint is worn and chipped all around the vehicle. Note the rust effects on the exhaust which was achieved with Tamiya weathering powders mixed with Scorched Brown.

A rather unusual design: a Lascannon mixed with twin-linked Plasmaguns. Barrels were drilled and effects of burnt metal painted on with various layers of GW washes.

A note on the Marine gunner of the vehicle: I decided to field this vehicle with my Devastator Squad, so the gunner got the markings from such a squad. The rust stains were painted using thinned down Burnt Umber oil paint that was applied to all rivets and recesses.

The effects of chipped paint were done with an old "sponge" - just like the ones that come with GW blister packs. Just apply some paint (I used GW foundation paints) and carefully dab around the edges and panels.

I chipped the yellow markings with the base colour grey of the vehicle. This resembles how paint was flaking away and the original tone becomes visible.

The Red Scorpions icons are FW brass etches parts. The "3rd Company" marking is painted free hand. The rust stains are oil colours (burnt umber and various brown shades).

The lower part of the hull was drybrushed with a selection of brown paints to add to the muddy and dusty look.

I really like how it turned out. While some might argue that Space Marine vehicles should be in much better shape than Imperial Guard ones for example I want to point out this Razorback is an early Mk.1 and thus is in service for generations. I doubt a vehicle in that age would look brand new and shiny, especially not if in use on a battlefield for some month in an ongoing campaign.

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