Thursday 1 September 2011

Brother Remis, Dreadnought, 3rd Company, Red Scorpions

"Brother Remis was blessed with the gift of being embedded in one of the chapter's sacred Dreadnought armours for his actions during the Ork incursions in 907.M41 within Ultima Segmentum. He served within one of 3rd Company's Devastator Squads and was well known for his accuracy with his Plasma Cannon. During an ongoing counter assault of Ork mobs on an fortified position of the Red Scorpions he was noted to have vaporized not less than 97 Storm Boyz within less than 3 minutes. Despite streams of heavy fire from the Company's Devastators they couldn't end the Ork assault and the outer perimeter was overrun. When the first mobs hit Remis squad's position, three of his brothers died immediately under the might of the blows of a gigantic Ork Nob. Without fear, Remis charged the Ork boss in close combat, swinging his heavy weapon with fury. When he was outnumbered by countless Orks and about to lose the fight with their boss, he overcharged the plasma output of his gun, resulting in a huge explosion that killed the whole Ork mob at once as well as the savage beast that lead them. Chapter Apothecaries were surprised that the charred remains of Remis were not dead at all. In his focus on doing his duty he clung on to life - and was saved with being embedded into Dreadnought armour. Still to this day, he favours a Plasma Cannon and hasn't lost any of his accuracy."

Brother Remis, attached to 3rd Company, Red Scorpions chapter. The miniature is out of the "Assault On Black Reach" box and was combined with a Forgeworld Plasma Cannon arm and brass etched parts of Red Scorpions heraldry.

Back view of the Mk. V Dreadnought armour.

Brother Remis' close combat arm with attached Stormbolter. Note the chapter's symbol made from a brass etched part. You can also see a helmet of a fallen Chaos Space Marine on his base. I used the 40k basing kit for those details (GW).

Brother Remis' mighty Mk. V Dreadnought Plasma Cannon (Forgeworld).

The "Assault On Black Reach" Dreads didn't come with smoke dischargers, so one from a Leman Russ tank was added to the top of the armour. Another brass etched Scorpions' symbol adds further detail. The bones are from Warhammer Fantasy's Hero basing kit (GW)

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