Friday 2 September 2011

Epistolary Yaec, currently attached to 1st Company, Red Scorpions

"Yaec accompanied Commander Ainea during the Siege Of Vraks in 826.M41. Back in those days he was a young Codicier that just had been promoted to Veteran status. When he served the chapter as a Lexicanium it soon appeared that he had a special talent for tactics - one of the reasons why Ainea was looking for his counsel during the planning stages of the forthcoming attacks. Yaec earned his status as he never failed to lead his brothers with inspiring example, always being in the thick of the hardest fighting. When he finally reached the rank of a Codicier he had achieved plenty of awards, the highest being his Crux Terminatus (Terminator Honours). Ainea requested him to serve with the Veterans of First Company during the assaults on Vraks. He gained a reputation among the chapter's battle brothers for being both - wild and determined in the slaughter of the Emperor's foes and sacrifically and devoted in his duty to write the Red Scorpions' scrolls of honour. After the Siege Of Vraks, Yaec continued his studies under the guidance of Magister Sevrin Loth. He currently holds the rank of an Epistolary and remains with First Company at the behest of Lord High Commander Carab Culln himself. Rumours and whispers in the holy chambers of the chapter's home in the orbit around Zaebus Minoris speak of high chances that Yaec might one day succeed ancient Magister Sevrin Loth - should the old warrior's unbroken spirit not survive for long years yet to come."

For Epistolary Yaec I have used the Terminator psyker figure from the Space Hulk miniatures game. I removed the original base and have instead mounted him on a resin part that came from GW's Warhammer Fantasy Hero basing kit. I went with the traditional colour for Space Marine psykers - a dark blue tone.

Psyker or not, an Astartes in Terminator Armour still proudly display's his chapters insignia. The Red Scorpions decal is off Forgeworlds' sheet for the Siege Of Vraks.
The Terminator Honours that mark Yaec as a Veteran of First Company are also including the horned skull all Astartes psykers wear, showing off his special rank among his brothers.
The tabard bears two stripes - a symbol of the rank of an Epistolary. I am especially proud of the Force Axe's paintjob that took forever but looks fantastic. Also note the many small scribblings on all of those purity seals and books.

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