Thursday 18 September 2014

Tasc, Devastators, 9th Squad, 3rd Company, Red Scorpions

Update time: I finished my first squad of Space Marine Devastators. I named the Sergeant leading them Tasc. Since they are supposed to give fire support, I didn't give the Sergeant any upgrades.  This squad is mainly for my Warhammer 40k second edition games, hence I equipped the four Marines with Autocannons, which they were able to pick back in those days. The Autocannon is probably my most favourite heavy weapon in the whole game using the old rules. It has an incredible range, a high strength that allows easy to-wound rolls and shreds power armoured troops or lighter infantry in high numbers thanks to a sustained fire dice for each.
The Autocannon upgrade comes from Anvil Industry and are cast in high quality resin.

The whole squad of 10 Devastators.

Demi-squad with Sergeant Tasc in command (with Signum).
2nd demi-squad under the command of Cpl. Ranh.

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