Wednesday 3 July 2013

Commander Carab Culln, 1st Company, Red Scorpions

You just cannot play Red Scorpions without having the man himself: Carab Culln - special character available as model made by Forgeworld.
I bought this guy a couple of years ago when he first was released but never assembled it nor did I paint it for a long time. I had to realise that my model was not exactly Forgeworld's best cast. I removed flash and cleaned it as good as I was able to and finally painted it with the same colours as my power armoured troops. This is the result:

 Commander (Captain) Carab Culln, 1st Company, Red Scorpions Chapter
Alternatively I can use him as Lord High Commander (Chapter Master), giving him a better profile and better equipment.
The power sword was painted like those of my Terminator Sergeant and my Epistolary's force weapon.
Master-crafted Stormbolter
Commander Culln and Epistolary Yaec

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