Saturday, 3 September 2011

Khrom, 1st Tactical Squad, 3rd Company, Red Scorpions

Veteran Sergeant Khrom's demi-squad of Tactical Marines. Note the yellow stripe upon their Boltguns. This marks them as members of Khrom's team.
Brother Veteran-Sergeant Khrom himself. Awards: the Aquila when appointed to squad leader. Crux Terminatus for actions above and beyond the call of duty during the Ork incursions in Ultima Segmentum. Khrom is one of 3rd Company's oldest veterans.

Second demi-squad, under the command of Veteran-Brother Zoran. They back up firepower with an Astartes Mk .XII Plasmagun.

Veteran Brother Zoran. Zoran proofed himself time and time again to his Sergeant. For his tactical understanding and knowledge as well as his bravery, Khrom appointed him to lead the second demi-squad into battle. Zoran is a Veteran by any means, having accomplished 58 missions. Its expected he will be transferred to 1st Company to gain training with Terminator Armour soon and finally be awarded his own Terminator Honours.

Brother Hecate. The Plasmagunner of demi-squad Zoran. The purity seal shall ease the spirit of the gun. May it never fail and boil.

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