Thursday, 1 September 2011

Creating the Master Of The Forge - WIP

Shown above are the selected items to create a Warhammer 40,000 Master Of The Forges with Conversion Beamer for my Red Scorpions chapter. The body is an old Techmarine from GW, the bases comes from the Warhammer Fantasy Hero basing kit, the resin parts for the gun are from Chapterhouse Studios.
The resin parts offer two different backpacks. One offers you to create the Servo-Arm hanging over the shoulder to the front of the miniature as shown above.

My personal choice however was the more "classic" look, with Servo-Arm parallel to the shoulders of the Marine, using the other backpack.

For that you have to cut off a part of the joints and later pin it onto the backpack.

The thin red line shows where to cut apart.

I also pinned the plastic arm to the Conversion Beamer and the arm itself to the main body, using 1mm copper wire.

When I pinned the backpack into place I unfortunately drilled the hole a bit too deep. I need to correct that before painting.
I nice shot of how its going to look like. Nothing glued in place yet, only "dry" assembly to see how it fits.

This is how its going to look like when I am done.

And from the front side. I really like that dude!

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