Monday, 3 October 2011

Mk.1 Rhino, 3rd Company, Red Scorpions

The Mk. 1 Rhino is among the oldest vehicles still in use within the Imperium. It was used when mankind spread among the stars and already was old when the Emperor himself started his Great Crusade. I got this one off ebay for bargain. Unfortunately I had to discover it was in worse shape than I thought. :-(
The headlights: they are scratchbuilt because for some reason the former owner never glued some in place.

Tactical marking on the side doors. I used a decal from the new Rhino kit but cut it into shape and repainted it.

Again a brass etched part from Forgeworld. I love those things.

Because both handles were broken, I had to replace them with parts of a Leman Russ tank. The marking again is a decal cut into shape from the newer Rhino kit.

Battle damages, oil paint washes, weathering powders - this Rhino has seen many battles!

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